For 25 years, Brenton Productions has been producing the best in how- to television programming over a wide variety of programs and networks filling the need of automotive marketers by providing the highest value path direct to an audience of targeted viewers and customers. Brenton’s approach to how- to television programming has always been about using our clients’ products in real world projects, with the focus always on the product and the education of the audience on the products. Brenton has a long and rich history in its programming and approach to making the use of television within reach of most any budget with accurate and realistic use. Brenton prides itself on having built appointment viewing with our ever growing audience with scheduled airing times on respected and widely viewed networks that focus all things automotive and racing. Television has the ability to place products in the situations that provides the capacity to show in practical use, products and services in a medium that has visual, sound, color and movement components in a way that are viewed over and over providing the highest value for a marketing dollar.

Brenton does not stop at TV. The content produced by Brenton is distributed across a myriad of channels including web based programming, OTT (over the top) delivery as well as TV distribution to Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

Brenton provides an entire campaign package in which to market and promote automotive products to a wide audience using national television, digital, social media, national radio and pod cast downloads to those looking to learn, buy and use.

“There is magic in television that cannot be duplicated by other media, as it provides not only the opportunity to entertain, but to educate and inform unlike any other medium.