About Brenton Productions

Experts in Branded Storytelling

The mission of Brenton Productions is to create enthusiast-centric, how-to programming in an educational and entertaining format.  We do this with high quality production values that delight our clients and deliver solid ratings performance for our network partners.  We are trusted experts in branded storytelling, true to the core with authenticity, and cost effective.


Have you ever wondered where the name “Brenton Productions” came from?


Like many great stories, the inspiration for our company name and logo starts with the sea – specifically, the waters off Newport, Rhode Island.  One of our founders, veteran automotive industry marketing professional Frank McGonagle, was an avid sailor and was very familiar with the challenges the rocks and shoals in the often-foggy conditions of New England.  He came to greatly appreciate the many buoys, lighthouses, and other navigation aids, especially the lightship and light tower marking Brenton Reef of Newport.

Originally stationed on the reef in the 1850s, the Brenton Reef Lightship guided sailors of vessels both large and small safely into Narragansett Bay.  To Frank, the lightship is the perfect symbol of the vision of our business – to help automotive aftermarket brands successfully navigate the hidden obstacles and challenges of television advertising and product integration to reach their maximum target audience. 

Frank was certain that well-produced TV with authentic content and trusted expert hosts would provide aftermarket brands with an ideal harbor for branded entertainment programs.  In this way, Brenton Productions strives to be like its namesake by guiding our partners to safely complete a challenging journey.

Brenton Productions
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