“I want to feature my products on television commercials, but do not have a commercial spot. Can Brenton Productions create a commercial spot for me?”
Yes, Brenton’s team of professionals can create a plan designed for your company or product and see it through getting the finished commercial spot on the air

“We really want to use television to promote our products, but I am concerned with the costs and the amount of work involved. Can Brenton help when only a modest budget is available?”
Marketing on television is not overly expensive when one considers the amount of reach and number of impressions a well-designed campaign returns. Even with a modest budget, Brenton Productions can furnish a high value advertising package that includes production and the air time.

“Our product is highly technical and our concern is how it will be portrayed to the market. I would want to be at the studio when my product is being taped, is that possible?”
Brenton’s staff of technical producers are product knowledgeable and constantly staying abreast of emerging technologies in order to be able to assist during any production. Brenton Productions supports and encourages client attendance during taping to assure the result is as the client’s desire.

Brenton Studios are conveniently located just 20 minutes from the Tampa International Airport. A wide range of hotel accommodations and restaurants are all located nearby.

“How long does it take to get my products on TV?”
The entire process varies depending on the time of year, but rule of thumb is 6-8 weeks from when your product is taped to an on- air premiere.

“What networks carry Brenton content?”
Two Guys Garage airs on MAVTV every Friday evening and every Sunday, mid morning. All Girls Garage, Car Fix and Truck U air on the Velocity Network every weekend on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

“Can I use the content I paid for in other forms?”
Yes, the content that you contracted for can be used for other purposes including your company website, trade shows and social media activities, but cannot be re-broadcasted. Contracted commercial spots are your property and can be run anywhere as directed by you.