Fall Sneak Peek: Behind the Scenes of FourWheeler’s Season Finale Shoot

Jul 26, 2022

While August brings all-new episodes of FourWheeler to MotorTrendTV and MotorTrend+, plans are already underway for production of FourWheeler’s Season 4 finale, which will shoot in October.

“We know the off-road viewers love wrenching on their rigs; but even more than that, they love playing with their toys,” says FourWheeler director and producer Matt Allegretti. “This gives us an opportunity to put different aftermarket parts to the test while using them in a real-world environment.”

Every season of FourWheeler wraps up with an off-road adventure of some kind, and planning can be a bit more intense than for a typical episode.

“This is always our most immersive episode of the season, and we really want the viewers to feel like they’re taking the trip with us,” Matt says.

The off-road rig FourWheeler host Ian Johnson is building for this year’s adventure is a tube buggy that Matt is confident will be equipped to go anywhere and do anything.

“No trail will stop this buggy,” says Matt. “And that’s because Ian knows the best combination of engine, suspension, and axles to make any rig do what he wants.”

Having Ian’s expertise and insights is an integral part of Matt’s process for planning both the projects featured on the show and the end-of-season outing.

“Ian has his finger on the pulse of what’s next in off-road,” says Matt. “He understands both the TV production side and aftermarket side of this industry, and we love that he can combine both skills to build a unique, kick-ass project – and help us put it on the right mountain or rock to capture what it can really do.”

The off-road adventure episodes are a great way to round out a season of tips, tricks, and how-to demonstrations in the garage – not only for the benefit of the audience, but the participating aftermarket brands as well.  After all, the projects on this show are built to take some abuse.

“It’s one thing to tell the audience how good a product is and bolt it onto a Jeep,” says Matt. “But it’s another to smash it up against a rock and watch it stay in one piece. This is what our FourWheeler off-road adventure episode allows us to do – put products to the test.”

Finding the right proving ground takes some careful consideration and logistical coordination from the production team.

“We always want to include difficult enough trails for the type of project we build,” says Matt, “but we also want to keep the trails relatable to the viewers, so they can envision themselves taking their own project over that same obstacle.”

And it’s not just about finding the perfect location to showcase a rig’s capabilities and provide some scenic views.  Outside the controlled environment of the garage, anything can happen – and the production crew has to be prepared.

“You always leave time for the unexpected,” says Matt. “A fire, a roadside repair, getting stuck flipped over on a rock…you see it all.”

One year on the season finale shoot, Ian’s LJ Jeep buggy caught fire on its way into camp. After putting out the fire, Ian spent all night repairing the rig to get it ready for the next day.

“He made it work,” says Matt. “He just said, ‘that’s what happens when you’re off-roading’!”

It’s no wonder this episode is a highlight for the Brenton Productions team each season – as well as an excellent opportunity to showcase everything from off-road parts and camping supplies to fire extinguishers and winches. Even the breakdowns and repairs that happen along the way get turned into enjoyable moments for the audience.

“It just feels so authentic and fun,” says Matt.

Want more information about this year’s off-road adventure and how your brand can come along for the ride?  Check out the Episode Summary page here.

(Please note that the vehicle pictured above may not be actual project vehicle that will be used; all project vehicles are subject to change.)