I see and hear this phrase all the time “Follow us on Facebook”. The local morning radio show speaks the words “Follow us on Facebook”. At the end of the nightly news, the anchor reaches out to the viewers with the words “Follow us on Facebook”. At the bottom of nearly every website, blog, and even in print advertising are indications to “Follow us on Facebook”. This is an invitation to potential consumers to learn more about your brand, to follow your growth as a company, gain more exposure, so what are you doing to build your brand awareness?


Every individual is a potential follower of your brand but having a large audience doesn’t necessarily benefit you, the key is not to have a high volume of just “any” followers. You want followers that are highly engaged with your content. Engagement is what drives your posts to the top of news feeds; you are shared across various regions, time zones, and demographics. There is no easier, faster or more cost effective way to get engaged with your audience on a personal level. Pair that with your other proven marketing success your brand will see success. Here are some tips to gain Facebook followers.


  • Consistent Stream of Content
  • A/B test, trial and error
  • Reports
  • Stay Organic


I have done much research on the algorithms for Facebook and from what I have learned it all can be summed up very easily. Constant contact with your audience on a regular basis with relatable content is going to be the key to Facebook marketing success. Trial and error is the one true method to all the madness. Through your Facebook trials you will uncover ideal posting times, a primary gender and age of your followers, popular themes of content. I personally have discovered our unique audience engages well with pictures and videos, but the video needs to try to be short and to the point, if there is more information to share place a call of action at the end to prompt your audience to visit your website for additional content.


It took about 12 months of working with social on our properties to get a stable reports generated, and for several months we had amazing exposure and peeks, but learning the key to daily exposure is far more important than a viral post. Don’t get me wrong, I was like a kid with excitement when our post began to go viral, but I still struggled with getting the content that generated the engagement needed. After documenting what worked and what didn’t work, we have found our engagement has become consistent and we have learned more about our audience and what gets new people to “Follow us on Facebook”


There is always the solution of paid boost through Facebook to grow your audience but beware of this method. Purchasing exposure on Facebook can lead to an audience that doesn’t necessarily interact with your content like an organic user would. I am very proud to say that the numbers we have produced through social media are truly organic and that was all based on the analysis conducted on a weekly basis. Discovering the trends of your audience is key to driving your brand to the top of your social scene. Want to know more?     “Follow us on Facebook”.