Four Strategies Smart Companies Use to Get the Most Out of Product Integration (Part 3)

Jul 9, 2019

Smart marketers, whether they are first-timers or veterans of the TV scene, get the most out of their investment in a product integration by building a collaborative relationship with their production partner and engaging with them in the process from start to finish.

So far, we’ve learned 3 things that distinguish smart companies…

So, you’ve communicated your needs, goals and expectations, and you’ve collaborated with your production company to create a compelling piece of content to bring awareness to your brand. Now what?

Smart companies know the next step is preparing for when the episode starts to air.

Strategy #4: Smart Companies Know How to Prepare for Air


  • Promote Your Episode. Find out if your production partner is able to supply you with promotional materials about the TV show to use on your website, social platforms, and email subscription services. You may even want to explore cross-promotional opportunities with the TV show’s website and social media outlets.


  • Prepare for Traffic Boosts. Be ready to bolster your website, call centers, and other customer communication channels for increased traffic when the episode hits the airwaves. At Brenton Productions, we often get reports from our clients of significant spikes in web traffic – not just when the episode featuring their product premieres, but every time that episode plays in reruns! It’s important to be ready for this boost in traffic, so that you’re able to accommodate interested consumers.


  • Share Your Segment. It’s also smart to find out if the production company is able to release a video clip of your product integration. This is among our offerings at Brenton Productions, and many of our integration partners are pleased to take advantage of this valuable asset.

“The video clips are the highlight of the post-premiere excitement,” says Brenton Marketing Associate Kristen Gembarowicz. “When a client is able to promote their segment on our shows through their website and at trade shows, they can’t wait to start sharing it with their audience and also using the segment to educate potential new customers.”

Now that you’ve got the know-how of a savvy marketer, you can dive head-first into the world of TV product integration and make a big splash. Make sure to download our free Product Integration Strategy Guide to help get your planning off to a savvy start.

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