In-Show Feature: In this Story, Your Brand is the Hero

Every superhero needs a great action sequence that demonstrates their ability to save the day. Now think of your brand as a superhero – when people see how it works, they’re more willing to put their trust in it.

Our expert hosts perform product demonstrations and installations while discussing features and benefits in an In-Show Segment, in which your product showcases its problem-solving power, creating a connection and building trust with a highly-targeted audience.




This form of branded content entertains viewers while teaching them something useful. Because a Tech Tip offers valuable real world information, the audience is more receptive to the branding. By making your product the hero of the story, branded content more effectively drives recall, affinity, and purchase intent than traditional advertising. 


Brand Integration – A Proven Commodity:

For more than 30 years, expert marketing consultants such as Nielsen and Joyce Julius have worked with their clients to measure the value of brand integrations and product placement, using “grading” methodologies based on factors such as…


  • Size: How big was the product during the exposure?
  • Location: Was it centered on the screen?
  • Frequency: How many times will it be seen?
  • Duration: How long was the exposure?
  • Clutter: How many other products were visible?
  • Verbal: Features and Benefits or just a logo?Our Tech Tips deliver high grades versus all of these criteria by making your products the hero of the story!

Targeted Environment:

MotorTrend Network is the only national television network devoted to the auto enthusiast, and we make your brand part of the story so that nothing can come between you and your customers. As a content supplier to MotorTrend, our shows live in the MotorTrend library and are available for streaming across various digital platforms. 

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