Like Father, Like Daughter, Like Granddaughter…


At the age of five my dad began taking me to my first automotive events. I remember being six years old and jumping over pit-wall during a NASCAR Cup Series practice. I met some of the greatest racers of that time Rusty Wallace, Bobby Allison, and my favorite “The Intimidator”, Dale Earnhardt.


At the age of ten I was attending the Charlotte Auto Show with my father where I fell in love with the 1994 Pontiac Sunfire Convertible, and yes it was yellow. I was not the girl in middle school that participated in many sports but I watched every race on television and attended every automotive event in a 60 miles radius.


By the age of thirteen I had the general knowledge from working side by side with my dad with routine maintenance. As I grew older my knowledge and skills grew as I watched my dad keep every vehicle he touched in pristine condition interior and exterior. I was the only child in middle school that could buff and wax my parent’s vehicles after an oil change.


Now, almost thirty years later I not only pride myself on the automotive skills that my father embraced me with, but also have used that passion and knowledge in my vocation. I’m amazed how my passion fuels my daily work responsibilities in the area of social media and web-based activities. A long time passion of drag racing, motorcycles and car shows, became keeping my personal vehicles and recreational vehicles up to date with regular maintenance without having to rely on anyone but myself. This pride is something that has made me successful in other avenues of my life, including work and is something I wish to pass down to my daughter as my father had for me.


My daughter is ten years old but, I had not seen the passion, that spark in her for anything with wheels. Until now. The other day while in the driveway my daughter came up to me as I was checking the oil in my dads truck, because ironically we have reversed roles in the automotive maintenance duties within the family since his heart attack in April of 2015, my daughter was observing me and asking questions as I checked the dipstick. The rest of the afternoon my daughter, my father, and I spent the afternoon changing the oil in his 1998 Ford Lariat F150, not because it needed to be, but just because we jumped all over the chance to teacher my daughter what we enjoyed doing together all these years.


My Dad always instilled in me that one can be considered fortunate in life if a personal passion can be a big part of ones life work. It’s even better when a chip off the old block is part of the journey.


Consider me fortunate.