Brenton Productions and iHeartRadio Launch Two Guys Garage Podcast

Nov 21, 2019

Have you ever wished you could take some of your favorite automotive TV personalities with you wherever you go?  Well, today is your day!  Brenton Productions and iHeartRadio are launching the all-new Two Guys Garage Podcast, with the first two episodes currently available for downloading and streaming.

The podcast is an all-original, standalone audio program that provides Two Guys Garage hosts Kevin Byrd and Willie B with their own, highly-personalized space for sharing their passion about all things automotive.  Because if there’s one thing gearheads love just about as much as working on car projects…it’s swapping stories and talking shop.

“My first memory in life is on the back of a Ford LTD watching my dad race a ’57 Chevy, so I was always cut from that same cloth and stone,” says Willie B. “I blew a lot of motors up as a kid, throwing a lot of nitrous through it and raced just about everything there is. I’ve always been that sort of let’s-see-how-I-can-make-my-car-go-faster kind of guy.”

Taking full advantage of the podcast format, the guys will tackle a wide range of topics and conduct fact-and-fun-filled interviews with friends and leaders in the automotive world – all in the same freewheeling, just-havin’-fun manner that fans of the long-running MotorTrend TV series have been enjoying for years.

“When you see us on the TV show, we’re having a great time,” says Byrd, who is eager to connect with fellow auto enthusiasts through the podcast.  “It’s just a different way for us to have a great time with you guys at home, listening on your car ride to work, on your road trip, or on your jog. [The podcast] is just a different way for us to share our excitement in a new format, and we’re really excited about it!”

Why a Podcast?

Currently in pre-production on its 19th season, Two Guys Garage has a large and loyal following on TV.  Now, in addition to airing on MotorTrend Network and streaming on MotorTrend on Demand, the stars of the popular automotive how-to show have a platform to get more in-depth about their personal projects and passions.  

Not only does the podcast allow for a more casual format, but it’s also accessible across an array of platforms.  While Two Guys Garage is proud to be an exclusive part of MotorTrend’s “all automotive, all the time” programming, the platform-agnostic quality of podcasts will see the Two Guys Garage Podcast made available to listeners via a host of widely available distributors including iHeartRadio, Apple Podcasts, Spotify and Stitcher

Partnering with iHeartMedia, America’s #1 Podcast Publisher

This venture marks the first collaboration between Brenton Productions and iHeartMediathe #1 podcast publisher in the U.S., with the largest unique monthly audience of any commercial podcaster and a combined total of nearly 155,000,000 monthly streams/downloads.* 

“We found the perfect partner for the podcast with our friends at iHeart,” said the podcast’s Executive Producer, Robert Ecker. “This is something the guys have been wanting to do for a long time. It’s a true extension of the brand that will give fans of the TV show and newcomers alike a more personal connection to Kevin and Willie than they’ve ever had before.”

*Source: Podtrac August 2019

New Opportunities for Automotive Aftermarket Brands

The addition of the Two Guys Garage Podcast to Brenton Productions’ suite of television programs is exciting for a number of reasons – not the least of which is the new opportunity it provides for Brenton’s clients to market products to an expanded and devoted automotive fan-base. 

“Through the Two Guys Garage Podcast, automotive aftermarket brands will be able to reach customers wherever they are, either by harnessing the sight, sound and motion of television, or via the reach and power of podcasts,” says Ecker.

New episodes of the Two Guys Garage Podcast are planned for release twice weekly, every Tuesday and Thursday. Upcoming episodes will feature conversations recorded at the recently concluded SEMA Show in Las Vegas – the largest automotive aftermarket trade show in the world – including interviews with NASCAR Champion Joey Logano, the legendary car building Ring Brothers, and a host of industry leaders and insiders.

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