All television productions are not alike.  In the world of manufacturing there are different levels of

quality, and so it is with television.


There are many factors that determine quality- key is the expertise of the production team.  Are they accomplished

communicators who know how to capture viewer attention and make the subject matter fun to watch?

Are the hosts or actors credible and appropriate for the subject matter?  What about the graphics and sound?

The quality of the cameras, editing equipment and raw talent of the production engineer are also key.


Would you xerox your company brochure rather then having them professionally printed?   The same goes for

The production quality of video .  You may be able to save a lot of money by hiring a less-experienced production

team but you run the probability of receiving a “xeroxed” grade production.  Like your website, your advertising and

Your printed materials, your videos are representative of your brand.


Television production can be compared to piano players- many can play- but how many can move you with their playing?

How many inspire you?   How many do you want to stay tuned in to?