The holiday season is upon us, and for many that leads to a list of questions. How do we send well wishes to the people in our business network? Who gets a card? What does it say? Is it snail mail or electronic? How can you make sure you aren’t adding to the noise?


With all these questions I had no choice but to break out my Google skills. Here’s a skim of what I found.


FastCompany’s Approach


Print vs. Digital


Top 5 Holiday Card Rules For Businesses



The consensus is this:


  • YES, your company should send a holiday greeting card to current customers and actively communicating potentials.


  • Communication should come from a person not a general message from the office. In addition to signing your note, thank the recipient for something specific or otherwise personalize your best wishes.


  • Avoid offending with holiday specific messages. And keep it PC! – NO Drunk Polar Bears!


  • Do not include a pitch. Keep it genuine and classy, don’t use this a sales opportunity.



Personally, I don’t care what words or in what form I receive a holiday greeting. (Although a box of chocolates is always my favorite!)


And I hope all of you know my best wishes for the season come from my heart no matter the words or form in which they are conveyed.


Happy Happiness Season!


– SB