I often wonder about the curriculums being taught in schools today. It has become clear to me that many of the basic skills all functioning, contributing to society humans needed to be part of everyday life.


Handwriting a thank you note – does not happen today.

Figuring out quickly that 1 plus 1 equals two – does not happen quickly or efficiently, now.

The art of humans communicating with the spoken word – yeah, not so much.


Email allows being bold without having to face the issue head on. It seems making solid decisions based on the best current information available has vanished in spite of the fact there is more information available today.


We live in a world that offers anything we want to know about anything, requiring no more than a couple of key strokes, and yet, the finely honed skill of making solid, timely decisions has been lost in the everyday activities that is business today.


This is somewhat worrisome on more than one level. We are becoming a society that seemingly has adapted the procrastinating in decision making as a way of life. When I was working on getting my private pilots license several years back, one thing became very clear, very fast, that lack of decision making was not an option and one had better make the right decisions ’cause there were consciousness if you didn’t. So this practice of delaying decisions is becoming more evident in everyday business. It is not unusual to present an idea to a client that in the client’s opinion is spot on, messaging is on point, budget offers a high value return and if we can act in reasonable fashion regarding time, delivery is just when the client wants. What happens? In many cases, analysis paralysis appears, or the committee has to weigh in or my personal favorite, ” I’m so busy, I cannot possibly get to this for weeks”. Preferred delivery disappears, cost of the project goes up as a result of inventory dropping and a viewpoint of perhaps it can happen in the same year. Close enough for business today, I guess. The result is a society that more and more adopts the theme that it’ll happen when it happens rather than making something happen.


It’s frightening to me that we, the United States of America, the greatest industrial, military, business, scientific, talented, medical break through country in the world, is losing basic, vital skills. Is the behavior of not making timely, solid decisions so one can’t be wrong, the new normal? I hope not.


255 Echo Charlie, you are clear to land 36 right.” “Charlotte center, 255 Echo Charlie, say, can I take some time to think about landing on 36 right or 36 center? I want to be sure this absolutely the best option available to me at this moment, cause maybe something better might come along, you know, maybe ….”


Just can’t work that way.



– JCozzie