Though most people will say thirty years of age is not old, it can feel like it when trying to jump into Social Media and turn it into a successful career. With over a decade of experience as a respected bookkeeper and office manager one might think I wasn’t hip enough to enter the social media scene. To which I said, “not so.” When the opportunity came knockn’ I answered! (That analogy might be a little dated for this, oh well!)


Coming from an era when I printed pictures from a Kodiak Polaroid producing a picture that you wave in the air uselessly to “develop” in 30 seconds, the same era that used AOL chat with dial up Internet or a house phone that had a cord attached to the wall. So how can a person that grew up without social media keep up with today’s trends of selfies, hashtags, and countless social media platforms and build a career around it? That is a really good question.


Don’t get me wrong I have spoken with countless people, who are in social media industry and are of all different generations and various backgrounds related to marketing, PR, but even some with similar backgrounds as myself, I hear their success stories and I think to myself how hard can it be to get current on todays trends?


Some of my most resourceful training came from my best friends 12-year-old daughter who showed me the “real life” basics to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and a selfie stick. Well I will not deny that the benefits of the crash course from my pre-teen teacher, I mastered such phrases as “cra-cra” and “totts”, though I can not promise I have spelled these non-words correctly I learned a much bigger lesson from my young hip mentor besides how to take the best selfie.


Most importantly she was able to teach me people are looking for a personal experience through all the social media platforms, no matter the age. This key factor can get lost if not kept top of mind. Yes, automated posting and content generators are efficient but a real conversation can’t be substituted even if it is over social media. Finding the key to social engagement is through relating to your followers on a personal level and you will see the broad affect not based on the generation to which one was born. I think the key to building successful social media platforms is not so much staying current on the slang because I know that my street credit at my neighbors middle school is not going to get me far in the industry, but to feed emotional, personal, engaging content on a regular basis.


Scouring for engaging content to populate social media is not a young man’s game if you really think about it. If my mom can become addicted to her personal Facebook as much as a the average teenager, there is clearly no reason why anyone who primed beyond their twenties should feel intimidated about starting new adventure in a new age of Social Media. The younger generation that was born into this World Wide Web that holds all of our personal lives but that is all they know. I have a lot of life experiences that I can bring even to the newest of trends that will contribute to the success of my Social Media position. Yes you have to learn hashtags and word abbreviations to engage but finding content that is heartfelt and meaningful draws in people of all ages.