Two Guys Garage Season 21 Rewind (Part 3)

Jun 3, 2022

As we get closer to premiering brand-new episodes of Two Guys Garage, we’re looking back at our first four episodes of Season 21, currently airing on MotorTrendTV and streaming on MotorTrend+. Here’s a peek behind the scenes at the making of Episode #2103:

Episode #2103: “426 Killer Bee”

In this episode Kevin and Willie take on a 2012 Dodge Charger that seems to have lost compression in one cylinder. First on the to-do list is  to diagnose that problem and solve it, as well as stroke the motor.

“Man, the second we pulled the head,” said Willie on a recent episode of the Two Guys Garage Podcast in which the guys revisited the project vehicles they’ve tackled so far this season, “it was so apparent and obvious that it wasn’t just one piston that was affected; it was almost every single one of them.”

“He hurt that motor with a bad tune,” said Kevin, referring to the Super Bee’s owner, who had managed to drive it into the shop. “It was way, way down on power and usually that’s a bad sign. Typically, when you start losing power like that, you lose the whole motor.”

With the help of brands like Pedal Commander, Dorman Products, and Gtechniq, the guys bring this Dodge back from the brink of full motor disintegration and transform it from a stock 392 Super Bee to a 426 Killer Bee.

This episode also features some helpful tips and info from Dustless Blasting, Classic Parts of America, and TRL Automotive – and a special look inside the legendary Radford Racing School with PowerStop Brakes.

More engine-revving fun is in store…

and your brand can come along for the ride!

There are still more opportunities this season for your brand to be featured on Two Guys Garage! Check out our Production Roadmap for a full list of upcoming episode projects – including this late-model Mustang and a sleeper SUV with serious power potential.