Two Guys Garage Season 21 Rewind (Part 4)

Jun 10, 2022

As we get ready for new episodes of Two Guys Garage Season 21 to premiere next weekend on MotorTrendTV and streaming on MotorTrend+, we’re taking a look back at the season so far. Here’s a peek behind the scenes of Episode  #2104:

Episode #2104: “Dual Broncos”

It’s been more than 16 years since the last Ford Bronco was sold at dealerships. Now, continuing a legacy that spans generations, the wildly anticipated new Broncos are finally rolling off lots, and everyone has “Bronco Fever”…including Kevin Byrd.

“The one thing that really kind of stuck out to me in that Bronco is just the way it drives,” said Kevin on a recent episode of the Two Guys Garage Podcast in which the guys revisited the project vehicles they’ve tackled so far this season. Kevin was impressed by how well the Bronco handled on the street in addition to its capability off-road.

“They’re new, they’re fresh, they’re hot,” he said, hinting that he’s already in the market for his own Bronco.

“That thing’s exploding!” agreed Willie B, who also pointed out that automotive enthusiasts’ excitement over the Bronco platform is well-matched by support from the aftermarket.

In the “Dual Broncos” episode of Two Guys Garage, Kevin and Willie bring a brand-new Bronco Wildtrak and a fresh from the factory Bronco Sport into the shop. Their goal is to modify and upgrade these his-and-her beauties for a Bronco-loving husband and wife, with the help of brands like Mountains2Metal, Baxter Performance, Hercules Tires, ATD Wheels, 3D Mats USA, and Gtechniq.

This episode also includes some useful tips and info from TRL Automotive, Herculiner, Dustless Blasting, and zMAX Micro-lubricant; and it takes us on-location with PowerStop Brakes at the adrenaline-pumping Radford Racing School.

Everyone has “Bronco Fever”…

If you missed your chance to have your brand featured on a Bronco project for Two Guys Garage, don’t worry – Ian Johnson has plans for a new Bronco during this season of FourWheeler too!

And you’ll want to keep your eye on what Truck U has planned for this season – there just may be more Bronco projects in the works!

Plus, there are still more opportunities this season for your brand to be featured on Two Guys Garage! Check out our Production Roadmap for a full list of upcoming episode projects.



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