Two Guys Garage Episode PREMIERE: “1971 Camaro SS396”

Oct 12, 2022

Kevin Byrd and Willie B have a long to-do list when it comes to the project they’ll dive into this weekend in an all-new episode of Two Guys Garage. Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at what to expect from this episode’s premiere on MotorTrendTV:

Episode #2110: “1971 Camaro SS396”

This ‘71 Camaro SS has been lying dormant for years, and the guys quickly discover it’s got a laundry list of issues – faulty fuel injection that needs to be replaced with a more advanced system, blown head gasket, disc brake problems, rear end that’s making angry noises…and that’s not all.

It’s a lot to tackle, but with the help of brands like Dustless Blasting and FiTech Fuel Injection, this 396 beast will be roaring down the road once again!

It’s probably no surprise, but classic vehicle projects like this one are very popular with automotive enthusiasts. According to a survey of the Brenton Productions automotive audience, restorations are the leading type of project viewers want to see more often.

In addition to serving our audience with the kind of content they want, classic vehicle projects also offer opportunities to educate our audience with how-to tips, techniques, parts and products that will help them along the way with a classic car they’re currently restoring – or maybe inspire them to kick-start a dormant project like this Camaro.

This episode features helpful tips and info from TotalEnergies Marketing USA, Inc., Hercules Tires, Classic Parts of America, and Tech Shine.

Want to share your brand with automotive enthusiasts through compelling and informative TV content?

Two Guys Garage is already in the planning stages for its 2023 season!  We’d love to collaborate with you on a project storyline that showcases your brand and informs MotorTrend’s highly targeted audience of automotive enthusiasts on finding the right parts and products for their vehicles.

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