Two Guys Garage Episode PREMIERE: “392 Jeep Mods”

Nov 2, 2022

The final episode of Two Guys Garage Season 21 premieres this weekend on MotorTrendTV! Here’s a look behind the scenes of this weekend’s episode:

Episode #2113: “392 Jeep Mods”

Jeep finally did it – they threw a V8 in the Wrangler; and in this episode, the guys have a brand new one in the shop for a little upgrading!

This much-anticipated release was very exciting for the Jeep community; now the question is what kind of modifications are available to make it even better?  The guys will find out with help from brands like Cold Air Performance, Pedal Commander, ARMORLITE, Stinger, SiriusXM, and MouseBlocker.

With so many eyes on exciting new models like this, highlighting them in an episode project – and showing what modifications and upgrades are already available – is a great way to build aftermarket brand awareness with DIY enthusiasts who are researching parts and accessories.

This episode also features helpful tips and info from TotalEnergies Marketing USA, Inc., Dustless Blasting, TRL Automotive, and Tech Shine.

That’s a wrap on Two Guys Garage Season 21…but Season 22 is already in the works!

Two Guys Garage is now in the planning stages for its 2023 season!  We’d love to collaborate with you on a project storyline that showcases your brand and informs MotorTrend’s highly targeted audience of automotive enthusiasts on finding the right parts and products for their vehicles.

Have an idea for an episode project featuring your brand? We’d love to hear it!



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