What Apple’s “WFH” can teach us about branded content

Aug 18, 2020

Apple’s “The Underdogs” digital short, released in 2019, was a fun and engaging way to show consumers what Apple’s products and integrations could do in the office.

A year later, in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, Apple brought their “underdog” characters back to satirize the scenarios many of us began experiencing while #WorkingFromHome…all while demonstrating how Apple’s product line-up makes team collaboration possible even when working remotely.

Throughout the (sometimes painfully) relatable digital short, the script weaves in key features and benefits of the company’s various devices and software, along with demonstrations of those features – I actually learned where to find the scanner on my phone while watching this video!  And that’s exactly what branded content should do – educate and inform the viewer while entertaining them through storytelling.

Watch “The whole working-from-home thing” here:

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