Two Guys Garage

Kevin Byrd

Willie B

Prepare to get schooled. Expert gearheads Kevin Byrd and Willie B have a wealth of technical knowledge and a passion to share it through DIY tips, demonstrations, and deep dives into the latest aftermarket innovations.

Truck U

Bruno Massel

Matt Steele

Monster-truck expert Matt Steele and master mechanic Bruno Massel tackle projects with humor and fun, while sharing useful tips on everything from custom paint jobs to metal fabrication.


Ian Johnson

Ian Johnson concentrates on aggressive builds with the extreme off-roader in mind, with projects ranging from slow-moving rock crawlers to high-horsepower hill-climbers.

All Girls Garage


Faye Hadley

Accomplished automotive technicians Bogi and Faye break down complex projects into DIY-friendly steps while showcasing each woman’s unique automotive expertise.

Car Fix

Bryan Fuller

Jeremy Bumpus

Award-winning builders Bryan and Jeremy take on projects from basic maintenance to original concept builds and everything in between.