Car Fix features two expert builders who are bonded by their love of cars and all things with moving parts. Jared and Lou are not afraid to take on any project, from basic maintenance to original concept builds and everything in between. Whether it’s intake manifolds, superchargers, restorations, or high-end fabrication, this is auto tech wizardry at its very best!

Airs weekends on MOTORTREND, check local listings for times.

Meet The Hosts

Lou Santiago

Born in the Bronx and raised on Long Island, Lou is a true-blue car guy to his core. Renowned as a world-class fabricator, he earned his stripes maintaining heavy equipment as a U.S. Navy Seabee supporting Seal Team Eight. Not content to just build cool cars, Lou is committed to sharing his knowledge and experience with the next generation of automotive professionals as both teacher and mentor.

Jared Zimmerman

From a young age, Jared began repairing cars, restoring antique aircraft and building hot rods at his father’s side. He’s meticulously honed his electrical, tuning, fabrication and body work skills ever since. Now an accomplished welder with a deep interest in circuits, Jared can build complicated analog electronics from scratch. Between 2006-2010, he helped campaign a record-breaking salt flats racer that reached speeds over 315 mph.

A recommendation from a pro goes a long way.  That’s exactly what happens when the hosts of Car Fix share what parts, tools, and brands they use around the garage.  Built into each episode are Break Room Features, which put your brand in the hands of one of these trusted personalities, and on the screens of millions watching at home.


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