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1994 Chevy 1500

OBS (Old Body Style) Trucks are becoming more and more popular, and today the guys are fortunate to have one in the shop.
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2020-2022 Jeep Gladiator

The Jeep Gladiator has been out for a while and the aftermarket abounds with great products, so today the guys are going to outfit one with some of the best there is. 
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Luxury Sedan

Like most things these days, the cost of having a vehicle properly detailed is on the rise, often costing far more than anticipated. With this in mind, the guys demonstrate how to save money by properly detailing a vehicle themselves. From paint correction to ceramic coatings, they’ll show different ways to get a vehicle looking great and staying great!  
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2012 Ford Mustang

The power output of today’s vehicles can be staggering, but what good is all that power if all it does is leave rubber on the road and you in need of new tires? Today, Willie and Kevin help this Mustang’s tires hook to the ground and keep all that power where it belongs!
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2005-2015 Car or Truck

Ever wonder how your vehicle’s A/C system works? It’s something we largely take for granted, until it doesn’t work! Today, Kevin and Willie explore some of the basic principles of A/C systems, including how to diagnose and fix common problems, and what to look and listen for to keep cool and comfortable out on the road.
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Tesla Model 3 Or
Model Y

Today the guys take a deep dive into the world of electric vehicles, including how they work, and where this growing market may be heading. They’ll explore some upgrades and examine some of the pros and cons of EVs compared to standard internal combustion engine vehicles.  
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1960-1980 Classic Car or Truck

Older vehicles are known to leak fluids, and typically it’s not just one area or fluid that’s leaking. So, instead of chasing one leak at a time in hard-to-reach areas, the guys will try to knock them all out at once by pulling the entire engine out of this old vehicle, allowing them to tackle various leaking issues up close and demonstrate how to fix them.
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2010 – 2020 Economy Car

Fender benders happen, and today Kevin and Willie demonstrate how to fix a vehicle that has some minor collision damage. In true DIY fashion they’ll show how to fix, repair, and possibly replace parts of this damaged vehicle. From body work to mechanical work, the guys will share some tips and tricks for getting a vehicle back in great looking shape and solid working condition!
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2020 Dodge Challenger

Today, the guys transform a late-model Challenger, giving it its own unique look and styling with body kits and accents, bumpers, spoilers, wheels, tires and more! By the time they’re finished, you’ll be hard-pressed to remember what this American muscle car looked like when it first rolled into the shop!
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1965 Ford Mustang

Kevin Byrd loves the Ford Mustang, and today he’s bringing his very own ‘65 Stang project into the shop. He and Willie begin by getting the drivetrain in shape, then they retro fit a new engine, transmission, and axle into the vehicle before tackling the suspension and brakes. They’ll even spend a little time demonstrating how to DIY rust repair on the fenders to help move Kevin’s project further along its restoration path. 
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Small Block Engine

Today, the guys are building a different kind of engine. Does it produce more power? No. Does it cost more to build? Yes. Does it rev to the moon? You bet it does! Is it freaking cool? Absolutely!!! They’re building a high revving flat plane crank engine using an American classic, the small block Chevy engine. They’ll discuss the difference between flat plane and cross plane cranks, and the pros and cons of going either direction. 
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2007 Kia Spectra

This KIA Spectra broke down a couple of years ago and the owner simply hasn’t had the time or money to try to fix it… until today. Kevin and Willie will diagnose what’s wrong with the car and set about tackling those problems so they can get this great little commuter back out on the road ASAP! 
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1983-87 Monte Carlo SS

This Monte Carlo SS project has been literally rolled into the shop for the guys to help get it moving forward and needs the rolling chassis completed. The body of the vehicle is in great shape, so the owner wants to get the underside done first. The guys will mockup the engine and transmission and build a Ford 9-inch to get the suspension completely set up, then tackle the brake lines and exhaust before the chassis gets stripped down for sand blasting and paint. 
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1993 Chevy Corvette

Marketed as a two-door, two-passenger luxury car since 1953, the Chevy Corvette is an iconic American car and this one has been sitting dormant for many years. Having been recently purchased, the new owners are ready to start to get it back into shape and out on the road and Kevin and Willie are up to the task! They’ll start by getting the interior back together and looking correct, and then tackle the various issues from the engine to the body to help get this classic roaring down the road once more! 
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Jeep JK

The Jeep JK has been the go-to for Jeep enthusiasts for the last few years. As this model gets more and more affordable, owners have more money after purchase to upgrade and make the vehicle their own. However, with age comes maintenance issues and common problems begin to rear their ugly heads. So, today Kevin and Willie will discuss these common problems while doing some general maintenance and a little upgrading, both inside and out. 
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