FOURWHEELER will start production on its 5th season in early 2023! Take a look at what’s in store for our next season and learn how your brand can participate.


1968 Jeep JK

Ian kicks off Season 5 with a 1968 Jeepster Commando vintage body that he intends to outfit with a custom-built chassis he’ll drop underneath it. He’ll start with a pile of steel and craft something to his unique liking using some modern Jeep components. His grand plan includes a brand-new drivetrain with a Ford EcoBoost V6 that’ll make it drive and perform like a brand-new Jeep, either as a custom crawler or a daily driver.​



1968 Jeep JK

As work on the Jeepster project continues, Ian welds the body and chassis together and gets started on the exhaust system. You can bet he’s got his eye on various other items and issues he’ll want to address before this one-of-a-kind rig is ready to roll out of the shop to parts unknown.



2004 Smart Car

Ian laid eyes on some amazing smart car rigs at SEMA this year and got the itch to build one uniquely his own. It’s going to be a very cool lifted vehicle that can be used for everyday driving as well as hitting the dirt roads hard. This self-proclaimed “FunRunner” will be forged from the body and guts of a 2004 smart car, and you won’t believe how this Frankenstein come together!


Classic International Harvester Scout 800 A Frame

With one of his favorite classic International Harvester Scouts in the shop today, Ian has an ambitious plan for swapping in a modern Cummins drivetrain and upgrading the chassis with a Jeep JK. Adjusting the wheelbase to fit, building custom axles, and installing larger tires and wheels will be no easy task, but you can rest assured Ian is more than up to the challenge of transforming this old Cornbinder into something completely new!


2007 Toyota FJ Cruiser,
4.0L V6

Ian’s got an FJ Cruiser that he wants to make more off-road capable, so today he’s taking apart the old suspension and putting on a brand-new one designed specifically for rock crawling and high clearance. This will enable the rig to accommodate 38-inch tires but will also require additional upgrades and maintenance items so this old truck can fulfill its true potential.


Ford Braptor

Ian is fully aware of all the hype surrounding the new “Braptor” vehicle being offered by Ford. Of course, he has his own vision for a Bronco Raptor that he’s going to build from a Full Sized 1980-96 Bronco Body. Utilizing a fiberglass kit, he’ll add a new grill, driver and passenger fenders, and a back section to make this old Bronco look new and completely improved.


Ford Braptor

Ian continues work on his very own “Braptor” original, adding a new suspension as well as gears and axles to make the underside of the truck as new and fresh as its exterior. And what’s a brand-new vehicle without a killer paint job? You can bet Ian’s got something completely unique and unexpected in mind for that!


Jeep Gladiator

Back in Season 3, Ian did a lot of work taking a wrecked Jeep and putting on a new Gladiator bed to create his own version of a 2-door Jeep Gladiator. He added a 2.5-inch lift kit, 37-inch tires, and new bumpers. Well, today he has the rig back in the shop for an old-fashioned V8 Swap that’ll finally realize his full vision for this labor of love (emphasis on “labor”).


2022 Ford Ranger

Today Ian’s working on a mystery project that he’s keeping close to the vest. It’s a newer-model pickup truck that he plans to modify into an awesome-looking off-road capable rig, but that’s about all he’s letting on. While there’s no way of knowing exactly what Ian will do to this truck, you can bet that when it’s done it’ll be ready to hit the trails in true FourWheeler fashion.

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