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Old Jeep Project

On this episode, Matt and Bruno upgrade and repair an old CJ Jeep to get it looking good and running right.

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1997-2005 Ford Ranger Ext Cab 4×4

Overlanding is exploding, but not everyone can afford to start with a $40,000 rig as a base, including Matt and Bruno. That’s why today they’re going to demonstrate how almost anyone can turn a $3,000 – $5,000 used Ranger into an unstoppable overlander.
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1973-1987 C10

Matt and Bruno absolutely love slamming C10s, but it’s been a few years since their last one and they’ve never done it to a square body truck… until today. For this project, they’re going to go as low as they can go without having to cut up the truck.
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2018-2023 Jeep Wrangler
2021-2023 Ford Bronco

For a while it was just Jeep and Toyota battling it out for Top Dog status, but with Ford’s Bronco now in play, Jeep has a formidable new contender. In the first of two episodes, the guys focus on building a Jeep to compete against the Bronco. They’ll work on improving its weak links and overall off-road ability before shifting their focus to upgrading and fixing a Bronco in Episode 2. By the end of the exercise, they’ll know which vehicle will emerge as the best of the breed.
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2013-Newer Ram 2500-3500

While many people use trucks for their intended purpose, “light duty” trucks are often pushed to do more and more. When you’re at the limit of what a truck is rated for, it’s always a good idea to upgrade some of the most important components. That’s why Matt and Bruno are giving this truck a better transmission, better brakes, fuel system, and a couple of parts to help take some of the load off these upgrades.
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Rivian or Ford Lightening 

Today the guys dip their toes into the EV waters with a pair of innovative electric trucks currently causing serious disruption in the marketplace. They test drive them, discuss their differences, and see what kind of modifications they can make. With trucks dominant in the aftermarket, can these two extend the trend?
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Ford Maverick or
Old Toyota Truck

With the release of the new Ford Maverick, the mini truck scene is bigger than ever, and the guys are taking note. In this episode, they take a new Maverick and make it their very own by adding an air ride suspension, new wheels and tires, cool accessories, and new audio components. By the time they call it a day, they’ll have created a small rig packing a major punch!
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Jeep or other 4×4 Vehicle with Tear Drop Style Trailer

Overlanding is a hot market marked by massive vehicle modifications. But what if you want to keep yours stock? A great option is outfitting a trailer that can hook up to whatever vehicle you have. In some instances, you can buy a trailer completely outfitted and ready to go, but for those that enjoy DIY projects, you can get a basic shell and outfit it yourself. That’s exactly what the guys do when they equip this trailer with all the overlanding products needed to get it ready for the trail!
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Old Bronco
New Bronco

With the hugely successful release of the new Bronco, a lot of aftermarket attention is focusing on the ability to update and upgrade older models. Ford has even released the Heritage Edition Bronco that pays homage to the classic colors of the original Bronco. For this build, the guys repair and upgrade a classic Bronco while pointing out some of the unique similarities it has to the latest models.
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1950-1987 C10 Pickup

It’s rare to find a vintage truck with a perfect body that’s ready for paint, and the one the guys have in the shop today is no exception. Some sheet metal needs to be replaced, which will necessitate cutting, welding, and bolting before it can be prepped for paint. But when it’s done, it will all be well worth the effort!
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2017 to 2023 F250

Today the guys take on the wild truck scene by building an F250 that’s mainly a show truck. They start by giving it a 6-inch lift, then powder coat the suspension to make it truly unique. Next, they outfit it with lights and bed accessories before finishing it off with a grand set of 37-inch tires wrapped around 24” or 26” wide wheels that are sure to make a bold statement!
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1982 Chevy C20

On this episode, Matt and Bruno begin the process of turning a stock C20 into a ramp truck. It all starts with taking off the bed, building out the frame rails and installing a dually rear axle. Next, they drop in a Cummins diesel engine and a transmission that can take all the abuse the owner can throw at it.
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