Two Guys Garage Podcast


Expert gearheads and longtime co-hosts Kevin Byrd and Willie B bring their hallmark brand of automotive knowledge and passion from the TV screen to the podcasting world.

Two Guys Garage Podcast is an original, standalone audio program that provides hosts Kevin Byrd and Willie B with their own highly personalized space for sharing their passion about all things automotive. Taking full advantage of the podcast format, the guys tackle a wide range of topics and conduct fact-and-fun-filled interviews with friends and leaders in the car space – all in the same freewheeling, just havin’-fun manner fans of the long-running MotorTrendTV series have been enjoying for years.

Unlike traditional television, where a program is available only on a specific channel or network, podcasts are platform agnostic, available to listeners via a host of widely available distributors including iHeartRadioApple Podcast, Google Podcast, Spotify and Stitcher.

The addition of the Two Guys Garage Podcast to Brenton Productions’ suite of television programs provides enhanced opportunities for marketing your products to a devoted automotive fan base hungry to hear from their favorite gearhead hosts, whenever and wherever they want it. 

Reach your customers where they are by harnessing the sight, sound and motion of television, and the power and presence of podcasts. Brenton Productions can craft a comprehensive cross-platform campaign to meet your marketing needs.

*Source: Podtrac August 2019

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