FAST Talk with Speedvision’s Robert Scanlon on Two Guys Garage Podcast

As the first 24/7 national cable television network devoted solely to cars, bikes, boats, and planes, Speedvision “was home for so many of us for so many hours,” says host Willie B on this week’s episode of Two Guys Garage Podcast. He and co-host Kevin Byrd recently got the chance to catch up with Robert Scanlon, one of the original network founders and now CEO of the FAST channel relaunch of Speedvision.

Opening the Door to Home Improvement Content with “Homefront for the Holidays”

December 10, 2023 marked the launch of Brenton Productions’ brand-new home improvement Christmas special entitled "Homefront for the Holidays" on streamer Fox Nation. Along with the show’s uplifting message, host Jewel Marlowe's expertise and relatability as a designer, military spouse, and social media influencer attracted participation from several home design brands that wanted to be part of these holiday home makeovers.

2023 – A Year of Firsts for Brenton Productions

2023 has been a year of change and growth here at Brenton. We recognize that the media landscape is now in a constant state of change. That’s why our focus this year has been on growing and expanding, so that our content portfolio includes streaming as well as linear TV, short-form and mid-form content as well as traditional network half-hours. In addition to looking for what’s new and next in the automotive space, we’ve been creating brand-new programs in other genres.


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