2023 – A Year of Firsts for Brenton Productions

Dec 22, 2023

As a 30-year-old production company with several long-running TV programs, the phrase, “we’ve never done this before!” is not one you’d expect to hear often around Brenton Productions. But in 2023, one could argue that it’s almost become a mantra.

2023 has been a year of change and growth here at Brenton. We recognize that the media landscape is now in a constant state of change; there are more ways than ever for audiences to consume content – and for brands to reach these audiences.

Like our namesake, the Brenton Reef light ship, our mission has always been to help brands navigate the changing tides of television and help them reach their maximum target audience with authentic programming made to educate, entertain, and inspire.

That’s why our focus this year has been on growing and expanding, so that our content portfolio includes streaming as well as linear TV, short-form and mid-form content as well as traditional network half-hours. In addition to looking for what’s new and next in the automotive space, we’ve been creating brand-new programs in other genres.

Here are some of the highlights in this “year of firsts,” and a few hints to what’s in store for us in 2024:

Brenton Productions debuted its first home improvement program, Homefront for the Holidays, commissioned by streaming platform Fox Nation.

The 40-minute holiday special, released on Fox Nation December 10, follows interior designer and military spouse Jewel Marlowe as she joins forces with veteran-founded organization Homefront Room Revival to bring holiday home makeovers to two military families.

Homefront for the Holidays is also scheduled for multiple linear cable airings on Fox News Channel and Fox Business Channel during Christmas weekend, including a Fox News Channel premiere on December 23 at 11 PM ET, and Christmas Day airings on Fox Business Channel at 11 AM and 7 PM ET.

Building on 30 years of experience in automotive content production, Homefront for the Holidays is the first foray into home improvement programming for Brenton Productions. With plans to continue developing and producing in the home improvement and décor space – as well as expanding to food, garden, travel, and more – Homefront for the Holidays marks the first steps of this expansion.

“Brenton is excited to partner with Fox Nation on the company’s first long-form program outside of the automotive genre,” says Executive Producer Melissa Cutlip. “We’re so grateful for this opportunity to showcase Brenton’s work to a new group of viewers.”

In addition to launching Homefront for the Holidays this year, Brenton was also contracted for paid development in the female-factual space by cable network Lifetime, following prior paid development work in 2021 and 2022 for A&E and Fox Nation.

Brenton Productions is expanding into mid-form branded content in a new partnership with Hemmings.

Brenton will produce two original automotive series for Hemmings that highlight the storied media company’s reputation as a trusted authority and resource for classic car collectors and enthusiasts.

With production starting in 2024, these series will be broken down into modular, mid-form episodes optimized for release as digital branded entertainment, but with the added ability to build full-length episodes for linear distribution as well.

“Both Hemmings and Brenton share a rich heritage in automotive storytelling,” says  Executive Producer David Hall. “We’re excited about partnering to create compelling new stories with meaningful takeaway for the Hemmings audience.”

Production has wrapped on Brenton’s first FAST series – Helping Hands Garage, an original series for Speedvision premiering in early 2024.

The new series follows Katie Osborne, Collete Davis, and their team as they reach out to deserving families and individuals who have experienced recent hardships and misfortune. The team puts their helping hands to work getting cars back on the road for the people who desperately need them, one project at a time.

Helping Hands Garage is the first all-original program to be produced for Speedvision, the trusted automotive entertainment and lifestyle brand resurrected in 2022 under the leadership of Robert Scanlon. Available at no cost as a free ad-supported television (FAST) network, Speedvision provides the opportunity for advertisers to intersect directly with a deeply engaged viewership composed of authentic vehicle aficionados.

“We are thrilled to be collaborating with Speedvision and other industry partners on Helping Hands Garage,” says Chuck McGonagle, President of Brenton Productions, Inc. “Telling the stories of real people while helping them overcome challenges with the automobiles in their lives is a compelling and fulfilling endeavor for our team.”

While Brenton’s production capabilities expand to include new genres, content platforms, and branded entertainment opportunities; we’ll continue to produce linear content in the automotive space as well.

All five of Brenton’s long-running automotive series have been renewed for 2024 on MotorTrendTV, with Truck U about to celebrate its 20th season on the air.  All Girls Garage and Car Fix will each start their 13th season in 2024, while FourWheeler will enter its sixth season. Two Guys Garage, the production company’s flagship automotive series, will see its 23rd season when production begins in January.

This is just the beginning…

As experienced storytellers with a solid track record for scouting and developing fresh talent with unique voices in their field of expertise, we have even more fantastic stories waiting to be told. We’re excited to share what 2024 brings!

Happy Holidays from the Brenton Productions Team



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