FAST Talk with Speedvision’s Robert Scanlon on Two Guys Garage Podcast

Feb 22, 2024

As the first 24/7 national cable television network devoted solely to cars, bikes, boats, and planes, Speedvision “was home for so many of us for so many hours,” says host Willie B on this week’s episode of Two Guys Garage Podcast. He and co-host Kevin Byrd recently got the chance to catch up with Robert Scanlon, one of the original network founders and now CEO of the FAST channel relaunch of Speedvision.

Scanlon spoke with the hosts about his extensive career in automotive television, the paradigm shift to free streaming, and the “universality of the appeal of the auto”.

Super-Serving the Automotive Enthusiast

“There was a segment of the sports fan population that liked motorsports,” said Scanlon, recalling what he observed during his time working at ESPN. “The theory in launching Speedvision was, we could take that segment of the ESPN audience and bring them over here and super-serve them.”

Scanlon explained that as the TV industry experienced a “paradigm shift” to streaming, the universal appeal of automotive programming has been proven through the global response Speedvision has received since its relaunch last year as a free, ad-supported streaming television (FAST) channel. “We’re on 15 platforms now; we’re in 22 countries,” said Scanlon.

A New Era of Car Television

“It’s gonna be really exciting to see you guys continually building out content, and growing and expanding,” said host Kevin Byrd. “We’ll be nostalgic and thrilled with new things all at the same time!”

“And if you’re lucky, tune in and see yourselves!” responded Scanlon, alluding to the fact that among Speedvision’s current programming lineup are 12 classic seasons of Two Guys Garage, as well as Truck U and other informative how-to series.

“Credit to you guys for being authentic, and being experts,” Scanlon said to the hosts of Two Guys Garage, noting that the series has been on the air for over 20 years.  “And that’s why you guys are successful, is because of that authenticity and your expertise.”

Scanlon also teased that another Brenton Productions project will premiere on the channel in April – Helping Hands Garage, the first original series to be produced for Speedvision.

Find out how this all-new, inspirational series offers automotive aftermarket brands the chance to be part of a memorable, meaningful story.

Listen to the full interview with Speedvision’s Robert Scanlon here.



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