Social Media – Do Follower Numbers Actually Matter?

Mar 22, 2023

What makes social media content valuable? The answer is different for every brand; but generally speaking, it’s not about how many followers you have.

If you’re investing in social media at any level, you need to know which metrics are meaningful to you, based on your brand’s goals – then create a content strategy that serves those metrics.

4 Social Media Metrics That Are More Important Than Followers:

Reaching a larger audience is usually one of the first goals of building a social media presence for your brand. In this case, you might focus on the number of impressions your posts are getting – in other words, how many platform users are being exposed to your posts, even if they aren’t followers, fans, or subscribers. That’s right; your followers aren’t the only people exposed to your post! By using strategies like targeting the right audience and posting at the right time of day, a social media manager can optimize posts for a higher number of impressions.

High levels of engagement (likes, reactions, comments) are a good sign that your social media content is resonating with your online audience – so if your goal is brand awareness, engagement might be a meaningful metric to you. Engagement is also valuable because it helps boost impressions – when a social media site notices that a post is creating a reaction, that post gets pushed into more people’s feeds!

Just because people see, like, or comment on your post doesn’t mean they’re buying more of your product. If your goal is to drive traffic to your website – or maybe to a specific web page about a new product, your focus might be on posting content with a clear Call To Action (CTA) in order to drive more click-throughs to guide users toward making a purchase. This is one of the great advantages to social media marketing – not only can your audience interact with your brand directly, but they can actively take the next step on their journey toward purchasing your product in just a few taps of the screen!

Video content is currently king of the social media realm. But creating compelling, effective video can also be challenging and costly. So if you’re creating video for your social media channels, it’s important to understand the metrics of video impressions and video views – and how these measurements reflect your content’s ability to reach your brand goals.

When Followers DO Matter – Quality, Not Quantity

While a big follower number looks impressive on a social media profile, it’s more important to have the RIGHT followers – the people who want to learn more and will engage with social media content, click links to learn more, share posts with their friends, and ultimately decide to make a purchase.

Not sure which metrics are most important to you? We’re here to help! Here’s how Brenton Productions creates turn-key solutions for social media content that works for your brand.



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