Truck U Episode PREMIERE: “Honey Badger Likes to Pull”

Aug 31, 2022

More brand-new episodes of Truck U are on their way to MotorTrendTV, starting with this weekend’s premiere featuring a purpose-built truck you probably don’t see every day! Here’s a sneak peek at what’s to come:

Episode #1807: “Honey Badger Likes to Pull”

Trucks are meant to pull… and that’s all this monster does. Sled pulling is the owner’s livelihood, so that’s the area that Matt and Bruno are focusing on for this week’s project (which carries the mantle “Honey Badger”), strengthening the truck to go full pull and look great in the process with the help of brands like Yukon Gear & Axle and Hot Shot’s Secret.

This project taps into the expertise of both Truck U hosts. With an award-winning racing career, Bruno understands the importance of optimizing your competition vehicle to not only perform its best, but to also roll off the trailer looking like a champ.

But for Matt, diesel sled pulling connects even more deeply to his roots growing up in southern Florida and watching these kinds of events with his dad.  Matt would go on to host and present truck events ranging from local mud-bog races to Monster Jam shows in front of sold-out stadiums of 70,000 fans.

“It’s right out of my past!” he says of the formidable-looking Honey Badger.

This episode also features helpful tips and info from Dupli-Color, Dustless Blasting, Tech Shine, and Mobile Environmental Solutions.

Looking for the perfect episode project for your brand?

There’s still time for your brand to be a part of the story this season! Make sure to check out the Truck U Production Roadmap for a full list of the remaining Season 18 upcoming projects.

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