What’s In Your Toolbox?

Apr 19, 2022

This blog post was originally published April 21, 2020.

As a company that primarily works with the automotive aftermarket, we like this post because it uses something the automotive world is familiar with – a toolbox – as an analogy for building an effective marketing strategy that includes the right tools for the job.

We love collaborating with our brand partners to come up with creative ways to help them meet their goals and needs. Breaking down how to build a smart marketing strategy for their brand is a part of that process.

When you’ve spent as much time in the automotive world as we have, you know that having the right tools in your toolbox is key to tackling whatever projects you’ve got going on in your garage. And let’s be clear – the “right” tools may not always mean the “most expensive” tools. The right tools for you are the ones that do what you need them to do, without being cost-prohibitive.  

While some automotive pros and DIY mechanics have the budget for high-end, state-of-the-art tools, others need options that offer good quality at affordable prices. We’ve found this is also true when it comes to creating branded content for our automotive clients. 

Luckily for both cases, the right tools are out there for just about every budget.  And smart shoppers know to look not just for the best price, but the best value

Think in Terms of Investment

Just as there’s a high end and a low end for automotive tools, the same goes for media tools.  Good tools at any price point are an investment.  (How many times have our fellow gearheads used that line on a spouse to justify buying new tools or parts?)

When it comes to buying tools, simply going with the cheapest option will probably mean replacing that item in the near future, instead of having a tool that you can use over and over.  The same thing happens with media spending, especially in today’s market where many inexpensive (and highly disposable) branding options exist.

Inexpensive, disposable tools can certainly serve a purpose, but it’s not wise to use up your entire budget on these types of options.  From time to time, it’s important to invest in tools that will perform better and last longer.

Buy Tools That Last

Smart tool shoppers look for trusted brands, possibly with warranties that allow for repair or replacement within a certain window of time.  These brands not only help you protect your investment over time, but also establish trust that may turn you into a repeat customer.

When it comes to branded content, longevity and trust are important as well.  If you’re investing in a TV segment, for example, how many guaranteed airings will your segment get?  Will your segment be measured by a trusted metrics provider like Nielsen or MRI?  Will you be able to repurpose your TV segment for other uses, such as digital content?  Asking these questions will help you determine if you’re working with a trusted partner who will help you get the most value out of your media tools.

Diversify Your Tools

A well-equipped toolbox has variety…standard and Phillips screwdrivers of multiple lengths, as well as standard and metric wrenches and sockets.  Similarly, a well-equipped media toolbox should also have variety, also known as a media mix.

Studies indicate that reaching your audience in multiple forms of media gets better results.  Think about how ineffective your garage would be if you had only one or two wrenches, and all of them were metric.  Those tools wouldn’t be able to cover all the work you need them to do, because they wouldn’t be the right fit for every project in your garage! 

Neither does focusing all of your advertising budget on one medium allow your ad dollars to work as effectively to reach interested customers. Investing in branded TV content, online advertising, and podcast sponsorships are a few options for diversifying your media toolbox. 

If you want to learn more about affordable, customizable options for adding TV to your advertising strategy, our expert consultants are here to help! 



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