SEMA Las Vegas – What Happens Here Deserves to be Seen Everywhere

Sep 29, 2022

At the time of its extremely modest debut in the basement of Dodger Stadium back in 1963, it’s safe to say that few – if any – founding members of the Speed Equipment Manufacturers Association envisioned their nascent organization’s emergence into a global industry powerhouse. Fast forward a half-century, and SEMA – its name long-since changed to the Specialty Equipment Market Association – is renowned as the preeminent automotive specialty products trade show on the planet 

Descending each fall upon the Las Vegas Convention Center, the annual SEMA Show draws in excess of 70,000 domestic and international buyers and over 2,400 exhibiting manufacturers, representing just a fraction of the $30 billion automotive aftermarket industry. Covering more than a million square feet of exhibition space and still growing, it is the place to see and be seen… if you can get in. 

Despite its glitz and glamour, scope and scale, entry to the SEMA Show is extremely exclusive. The SEMA Show now offers a special “SEMA Friday Experience” ticket for a very limited portion of the public to attend the last day of the show. But the main event is open only to registered trade professionals and select media. In short, it’s the hottest ticket in a very hot town.  

And everyone wants access. 

Now imagine bringing the dazzle of the SEMA Show directly into the living rooms of customers all across the countryfolks who would otherwise never have the opportunity to experience the event in person. What if you could expand the reach of your company’s investment from the show floor to include over two million automotive fanatics? 

Good news – this is not a hypothetical question. In fact, Brenton Productions has been doing this very thing for more than a decade.  

We know that exhibiting at the SEMA Show is a costly and logistically challenging commitment for any company. You don’t take that lightly, and neither do we. Which is why we and our partners at MotorTrendTV truly believe that it makes great financial sense to optimize your investment with a high-profile interview feature in our annual hour-long SEMA Show Special. 

How does it work? 

The program is very much like the event itself – fast-paced, fascinating and fun; a 60-minute sprint across the entire gamut of the show, highlighted by a limited number of up-close company features shot one-on-one with our popular show hosts in the interviewee’s booth.  For aftermarket suppliers, it’s an opportunity not only to showcase the products and vehicles on display, but to be part of a bigger story about the most anticipated automotive aftermarket event of the year.  

With over a decade’s experience under their belts, our crew knows the SEMA Show and the venue inside and out, which means we’ve got the logistics down. Our team aims to collaborate seamlessly with our clients, coordinating every detail of the shoot before anyone arrives on site to guarantee a smooth and hassle-free experienceThe hosts of the special are accomplished experts in the aftermarket, veterans of television, and skilled at making each company representative feel at ease in front of the camera.   

After the event, our talented team of producers and editors spends the next two months crafting each interview into a compelling feature within the body of the one-hour special, which airs at least 12 times on MotorTrendTV, America’s #1 automotive television destination.  

The roster of SEMA exhibitors that have appeared in the TV program, increasing their reach well beyond the Las Vegas Convention Center floor, includes some of the most iconic names in the aftermarket, from ARP to WeatherTechfrom Covercraft to WD-40.  

SEMA booth interviews are very compelling stories for our production team to capture, because we work with a lot of these companies through the year,” says Matt Allegretti, who directs and produces the one-hour special each year. For us, when we show up with our production team, it adds a real happening to the booth. Crowds start forming to see what’s going on with the lights and cameras. 

At SEMA, we are really blown away by the innovation and leaps that companies take in their brands, and it’s extremely exciting to present those stories not only to the local audience at the show, but also to a national audience on MotorTrendTV. 

What booths will be featured at SEMA 2022?   

How about yours?  You’ve secured your booth and booked your flights. Now, extend your SEMA experience exponentially, nationwide 

In bringing this world class event into the living rooms of the general public, Brenton Productions provides automotive brands the opportunity to grow their SEMA audience to include not just the thousands attending the event, but the millions at home who wish they were there.   

Because sometimes, what happens in Las Vegas deserves to be seen everywhere. 

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