Truck U Episode PREMIERE: “The Elusive Bronco”

Jun 10, 2022

Another brand-new episode of Truck U premieres on MotorTrendTV this weekend.

Here’s a peek behind the scenes at this episode, which features a highly sought-after set of wheels:

Episode #1802: “The Elusive Bronco”

New Broncos may still be hard to find, but they’re making their way to a street near you. Even with a brand-new vehicle, there are still annoying things that you don’t need and can get rid of to enhance your driving experience even more.

Matt and Bruno will make this Bronco easier to drive and give it more style, with the help of brands like TRL Automotive, Pedal Commander, and WeatherTech.

“This year we are focusing a lot of attention on newer vehicles, getting to show off all the great aftermarket parts and products available for the hottest vehicles out today,” says producer Mike Alexander. “Don’t worry, though; we’ll still get to play with some older trucks this season as well.”

This episode also features a visit to the WeatherTech Campus as well as some helpful tips and info from Dustless Blasting, Hercules Tires, Classic Parts of America, and Ultra1Plus.

Everyone has “Bronco Fever”…

If you missed your chance to have your brand featured on this Bronco project for Truck U, don’t worry – Ian Johnson has plans for a new Bronco during this season of FourWheeler!

And you’ll want to keep your eye on what else Truck U has planned for this season – there just may be more Bronco projects in the works!

You can check out this and many other episodes of Truck U now streaming on MotorTrend+.