Two Guys Garage Episode PREMIERE: “SAAB Story Returns”

Sep 28, 2022

All-new episodes of Two Guys Garage return to MotorTrendTV this weekend!  Returning as well is a vehicle that Kevin and Willie are getting ready for the next level of power and performance. Here’s a look behind the scenes at this weekend’s premiere:

Episode #2108: “SAAB Story Returns”

The SAAB in this weekend’s episode has been in the shop before; now that it’s back, the guys will help get it ready for a serious power boost — a 5.3L iron block the owner was able to pick up for cheap.

The engine has been bored out to 5.7L and has a 4” stroker kit, allowing the owner to put more forced induction into it when he’s ready to turn it into a sleeper SAAB.  Meanwhile, they give the SAAB some much-needed TLC. Brands like Cerakote and WeatherTech help get the job done.

This episode also features helpful tips and info from Hot Shot’s Secret, Dustless Blasting, TotalEnergies Marketing USA, Inc., Mobile Environmental Solutions, and PowerStop Brakes.

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