The Kitchen is Open

Mar 15, 2022 | Advertising, Marketing, Social Media, Television

Your stomach grumbles as you sit at the restaurant table. You clutch the overwhelming menu in front of you, and the names of dishes and lists of ingredients start to blur as your eyes dart from column to column. You shrug and shake your head.

“I have no idea what I want.”

Finally, the server comes to your rescue – she starts asking you questions, and a conversation begins.  You’re hungry, but you want to save room for dessert. You’re willing to try new flavors as long as they’re not too spicy.  You don’t like olives.  She makes recommendations, you ask for modifications, and suddenly you’ve created a dish customized to your taste, appetite, mood, and budget.

This is collaboration. It starts with defining your needs and goals, which creates the opportunity to listen, learn, and brainstorm, in order to build an effective piece of content.

It’s a process that works to your benefit, whether you’re dining out or planning your branded content strategy.  It’s important not just to get something, but to get something that works for you. Something that would be worth coming back for again.

Collaboration is one of our hallmarks at Brenton Productions. While we do have a “menu” of different types of branded content available in our automotive shows, such as Tech Tips, Integration Features, and Break Room Features, we can also use these models as a jumping-off point for something entirely unique to a particular brand’s needs and goals.

The Open Kitchen

Have you ever been to a restaurant with a huge, open window revealing their kitchen? Many restaurants like an open-kitchen design because it helps to establish trust with their guests; you can see how the kitchen staff is preparing each dish, what ingredients they’re using, and how they handle safety and cleanliness. An open kitchen offers transparency.

At Brenton Productions, we also enjoy inviting our partners to witness our process first-hand.  Additionally, we love when the brands participating in our TV shows actually take an active role in that process – from pre-production planning to virtual visits on the shoot day.  We feel that keeping an “open kitchen” helps set everyone up for success and allows us to deliver on the expectations of our brand partners.

How we’ve kept our “open kitchen” philosophy going through a global pandemic.

New on the Menu

Of course, creating effective branded content isn’t limited to TV. Smart marketers today know that a healthy media mix of TV and digital branding is optimal for reaching your audience and bringing interested consumers further down the funnel.  This is why we’ve begun collaborating with brands on creating a comprehensive branded content strategy for TV and social media. 

Starting with a brand’s goals and needs, we can create digital content that works hand-in-hand with their branded TV content to reach the brand’s target audience before, during, and after the TV segment hits the airwaves.  This allows for a brand to connect with our TV audience members beyond the show – guiding them to more opportunities for discovery and decision-making.

“Our custom-tailored social media campaigns are designed to carry over the same level of relatable and engaging content from TV to social media,” says Brandon Scarpelli, Social Media Manager for Brenton Productions.  “With digital and social media platforms moving at such a rapid pace, it’s important for us and our clients to work collaboratively to keep our fanbase growing and engaged.”

At Brenton Productions, our goal is to work with our brand partners to create valuable, affordable branded content that gets the right message to the right audience. We know the most cost-effective branded content isn’t about cutting corners; it’s about delivering results without sacrificing quality.

Not sure what kind of branded content you’re hungry for? We’re here to help!



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