Two Guys Garage Episode PREMIERE: “2014 Nissan Altima”

Oct 5, 2022

Another brand-new episode of Two Guys Garage premieres on MotorTrendTV this weekend, featuring a daily driver with a worn-out suspension that the hosts hope they can return to like-new condition. Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at what to expect from this weekend’s premiere:

Episode #2109: “2014 Nissan Altima”

The commuter Nissan in this episode is having some suspension troubles and some other issues symptomatic of daily wear and tear. With the help of brands like Mevotech, Dorman Products, and WeatherTech, Willie and Kevin will upgrade and replace several key parts to get this vehicle running smoothly again.

Not only will Kevin and Willie demonstrate the replacements to address this vehicle’s suspension issues, but they’ll also walk the audience through the signs and symptoms of suspension wear – relevant information for the show’s viewers.

According to a survey of Brenton Productions’ automotive programming, about half of the program viewers perform shock and strut replacements on their own vehicles; but even for viewers who don’t perform this service themselves, understanding when it’s time to replace your suspension components and what’s involved in the process helps them to be more informed when they take their vehicle into the shop.

This episode also features helpful tips and info from TotalEnergies Marketing USA, Inc., Hercules Tires, Dustless Blasting, and Tech Shine.

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