Truck U Episode PREMIERE: “Just the Essentials JL”

Jun 24, 2022

A new, off-road themed episode of Truck U premieres this weekend on MotorTrendTV! Here’s a look at what’s in store:

Episode #1804: “Just the Essentials JL”

In this episode, a Jeep is getting built to do exactly what it was designed for – to hit the trails. Bruno and Matt will lift it up and set it on off-road worthy wheels and tires, make sure the drivetrain is up to the task, and give the owner some storage for out on the trails. Brands like Yukon Gear & Axle, Dupli-Color, Hercules Tires, and WeatherTech help get the job done.

This episode also features helpful tips and info from Dustless Blasting, zMAX Micro-lubricant, Brothers Trucks, and TRL Automotive.

As the popularity of off-roading and overlanding rises…

your brand can be part of the adventure!

With all the ways the aftermarket can help vehicle owners modify their Jeeps, trucks, and SUVs for the road less traveled, we’ve made sure to include several opportunities this season for your brand to be featured on an off-road or overlanding project.

Check out our Production Roadmap for a full list of upcoming episode projects on Truck U this season  – including a an overlanding couple’s 2022 Maverick.

And make sure to check out what off-road projects are in the works for FourWheeler Season 4, including this overlanding trailer custom build!

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