What Does the Brenton Client Experience Look Like?

Jan 20, 2021

When Kevin Davis was tasked with finding a way to bring awareness of European-based detailing brand Gtechniq to American DIY consumers, he knew TV was the answer.

To find out more about Kevin’s experience, watch the video:

Building a Brand Strategy

While Gtechniq is known overseas for its high-end detailing products, Kevin wanted to show American automotive enthusiasts how they could use these products in their own garage.  To do this, he turned to Brenton Productions, producers of Two Guys Garage and Truck U on MotorTrend, America’s leading automotive enthusiast network.

Kevin worked with the Brenton team to create hosted Tech Tip segments that not only put the Gtechniq brand and product line-up on screen, but allowed Truck U host Bruno Massel and Two Guys Garage host Willie B to demonstrate how the products work.

“It was really important for us to get that hosted, talk-to-camera kind of a thing, to be able to walk through each individual product or line of products,” says Kevin.  ”Having the guys actually talk about [the product] during the tech tip and show specifically how it gets applied is really important to us.”

Collaborating Behind the Scenes

Kevin says he appreciated the relationships he was able to build throughout the pre-production process with the show’s directors and producers – Matt Allegretti (Truck U) and Justin Carter (Two Guys Garage).  Kevin also enjoyed having the ability to collaborate with the production team, looking at playback of the footage and making adjustments where needed to best capture the product.  “They know their stuff,” he says of the production crew.

We encourage clients to join us at our studios to interact with our hosts and crew during production of their features. For those unable to do so, our short video What Happens During a Virtual Set Visit provides an inside look at how Brenton keeps you connected and actively participating no matter your location.



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